Killing Floor 2 控制台命令及密技一覽

14 四月







  allweapons (給你一堆突擊步槍和霰彈槍用,但不是給所有的槍)

  imrich (給1w錢,用之不盡)

  open tradermenu (打完一波後才能用,在任何地方打開商店菜單,東西隨便買)

  healme 100 (加滿血)

  allammo (加滿子彈)

  armorme 100 (加滿護甲)

  god (生命無限)


  open kf-outpost (建個SOLO房,目前只有3張地圖:KF-outpost kf-burningparis kf-bioticslab)

  pause (暫停遊戲,單人用ESC就行)





命令 描述
behindview 0 Sets the players view to first-person.
behindview 1 Sets the players view to third-person.
freecamera 1/0 Locks player rotation (still allowing for ‘WASD’ movement) and allows camera rotation around player.
fovx Change your current field of view toxdegrees
suicide Causes the player character to die.
say Broadcast a message to other players in the game.
throwweapon This command throws your current weapon to the ground.
shot This command saves a screenshot into the Unreal Engine game’s System directory.
set input Binds an action to a particular key.


命令 描述
demoplaydemoname Plays the specified demodemoname
demorecdemoname stopdemo Stops recording of a demo


命令 描述
show actors Toggles display of all actors
show bsp Toggles display of BSP
show collision Toggles display of simple collision
show coronas Toggles display of Coronas
show fluid Toggles display of fluid
show fog Toggles display of DistanceFog
show sky Toggles display of sky
show staticmeshes Toggles display of StaticMeshes
show paths Toggles display of Bot paths
show volumes Toggles display of Bot volumes


命令 描述
memstat Displays Windows memory usage
stat all Displays all statistics
stat anim Displays animation statistics
stat audio Displays audio statistics
stat fps Displays current and average frames per second
stat game Displays game statistics
stat hardware Displays hardware statistics
stat light Displays dynamic light statistics (this will bug off when wave is start)
stat net Displays network statistics
stat render Displays rendering statistics
stat none Turns off all statistics


命令 描述
disconnect Disconnects from current server
exitorquit Quits the game
openaddress Connects to the server ataddress
openmapname Opens specified map (tip: open Kf-bIOtIcSlAb, Mix it up)
preferences Opens the preferences window in Windows
reconnect Reconnects to current server
report Copies game info to the clipboard
showlog Opens the game log in Windows
setname(name) change player name
togglefullscreen switch between windowed and full screen view
setres WxH Same as in-game Resolution option


命令 描述
rend blend Renders normally with mesh overlay
rend bone Renders bones
rmode 1 Wireframe only
rmode 2 Zone view
rmode 3 Use textures
rmode 4 Turns all BSP white. Normal lighting for statics.
rmode 5 Normal rendering
rmode 6 No shadows
rmode 7 Lighting mode
rmode 8 Visualizing overdraw mode




命令 描述
ZED You’ve got ZEDGun!
WinMatch Win!
Walk Disables flying and/or noclip mode
ViewZombie View From Random Zombies.
ViewSelf View From Own Camera.
ViewPlayer name View From Players.
Teleport Allows You to teleport to the surface (or wall) at your crosshair.
Summon Summon string ClassName (like Summon kfchar.zombieclot)
Sniper Gives Sniper Weapons
SMG Gives SMG Weapons
Slomo x Lets you modify the game speed of the current game (1 = normal speed).
ShowPaths show apple paths of the zeds -UnCheats
ShowDebug can see the path and a lot of word
Shotty Gives all shotguns
Setjump x Lets you modify the jump height of the current game.
Setgravity x Lets you modify the gravity of the current game (-950 = normal gravity).
SetFlash flash screen
Rifleme Gives rifle weapons
ReviewJumpSpots spawn a bot and use the bot Viewed,and show the word.
Playersonly Freezes everything except players
Pistols Gives all pistol weapons
Phil God
PatRage Forcing the Patriarch to do his radial attack.
Nails You’ve got NailGun!
MopUp Show The number of zombies in this map was.
Meleeme 0/1 Gives melee weapons 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
Meds Gives Medic Weapons
LockCamera Lock the Camera or not lock
Loaded Gives 999 ammo for every weapon
LaidLaw You’ve got LAW!
KillViewedActor use it to kill the bot Viewed
Imrich Gives 10,000 cash
IJC Gives IJC Weapons
HugeGnome Big Fun In HillbillyHorror
Horde Spawns a RandomZombie around you.
Heal Heals the player
God God mode
Ghost Noclip mode
FrightPack 0/1 Gives Fright Pack Weapons 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
FreezeFrame X After the time tick X,it will auto pause game
Freezeall Freeze everyting.
FragZeds blow them up.
Flares 0/1 Gives Flare Guns 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
Flare 0/1 Gives Flare Gun 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
FlameUp 0/1 Gives Flame Weapons 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
ChangeSize x from 0 to 5 Scale the player’s size to be x default size
Camo Gives Camo Weapons
BurnEm Burn Them To Hell.
Bond2 Gives Golden Weapons Part II
Bond Gives Golden Weapons Part I
Bombs 0/1 Gives BombMan Weapons 0-None 1-MaxAmmo
Backup Spawns a bot. The bot doesn’t kill or defend itself.
AssaultMe Gives Rifle Weapons
Arsenal Gives 70% Weapons
ArmorUp Everyone has full armor
Allammo 999 ammo for every weapon


命令 描述
adminloginpas3erword Logs you in as admin usingpassword
adminlogout Logs out admin mod
admin adminsaymessage Displaysmessagein the middle of each player’s screen
admin mapKF-mapname.rom Changes current map toKF-mapname.rom
admin SwitchKF-mapname.rom Changes current map toKF-mapname.rom
pause Pauses the game
admin Kick remove a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin KickBan Ban a user from the game. A user can either be their ID (as shown by kick list)
admin RestartMap Restart Current Map.
admin NextMap Go to NextMap.
admin PlayerList Write player list save to KillingFloor.log



  1. 獲取控制台

  - To pop up the console, press ~ (tilde) or use the quick console (which displays a single line) that is available through the Tab key.

  - Console commands are not case sensitive. ADDBOTS, addbots and AddBots work alike.

  2. KF管理員密碼

  Log in as server administrator:

  • adminlogin pass

  • adminlogin user pass

  Do administrator log out:

  • adminlogout

  Add/Remove bots:

  admin addbots [amount]

  admin killbots

  admin killbots [amount]

  Kick/Ban a online player:

  admin kick [playername]

  admin kickban [playername]

  Say message as admin (text appears in middle of player\’s screen):

  admin adminsay [your message]

  Changes the current level to the specified level:

  admin switchlevel [mapname]


  admin switchlevel kf-farm.rom

  Pause the game:


  Server info:

  admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminName [name]

  admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo AdminEmail [e-mail]

  admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo MessageOfTheDay [Line1|Line2|Line3|Line4]

  admin set Engine.GameReplicationInfo ServerName [name]

  Game settings:

  admin set Engine.GameInfo bAllowBehindView True/False

  admin set Engine.GameInfo bAdminCanPause True/False

  admin set Engine.GameInfo MaxSpectators [amount]

  admin set Engine.GameInfoMaxPlayers [amount]

  admin set Accuracy [-1;0;1]

  admin set Engine.GameInfo bAllowWeaponThrowing True/False

  admin set Engine.GameInfo bChangeLevels True/False

  admin set Engine.GameInfo bWeaponStay True/False

  admin set Engine.GameInfo GameDifficulty [dificulty]

  1.000000 (Beginner)

  2.000000 (Normal)

  3.000000 (Skilled)

  4.000000 (Hard)

  5.000000 (Suicidal)

  Fun codes:

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Playername [name]

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo bAdmin True/False

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Score [score]

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Ping [ping]

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo HasFlag

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Deaths [deaths]

  admin set PlayerReplicationInfo Team [Red;Blue;None]

  admin set xgame.xpawn bOldInvis True/False

  admin set xgame.xpawn binvis True/False

  admin set xgame.xpawn MaxMultiJump [amount]

  admin set xgame.xpawn bBerserk True/False

  admin set xgame.xpawn bCanDodgeDoubleJump True/False

  admin set xgame.xpawn bCanWallDodge True/False

  admin set engine.playercontroller bgodmode True/False

  admin set pawn bCollideWorld True/False

  admin set pawn bNoWeaponFiring True/False

  admin set pawn drawscale [amount]

  admin set pawn waterspeed [amount]

  admin set pawn jumpz [amount]

  admin set pawn health [amount]

  admin set pawn groundspeed [amount]

  admin set engine.physicsvolume gravity Z=+950.000000

  admin set engine.physicsvolume gravity Z=-950.000000

  admin set engine.gamereplicationinfo weaponberserk [amount]

  Enable/Disable weapon throwing in curent game:

  admin set xWeapons.weapon bCanThrow True/False


  admin set xWeapons.ShieldGun bCanThrow True/False

  admin set xWeapons.Translauncher bCanThrow True/False

  Enabling “Admins&Groups” (xAdmin.ini):

  Enabling this, you will be allowed to switch from “adminlogin password” to “adminlogin username password” and you will be allowed to create many adminlogins with different privilegies and passwords, because xAdmin.ini will be created.

  • admin set Engine.GameInfo AccessControlClass XAdmin.AccessControlIni

  To disable xAdmin.ini (Admins&Groups), you need to write this code:

  • admin set Engine.GameInfo AccessControlClass Engine.AccessControl

  Server Admin:

  admin set UWeb.WebServer bEnabled True/False

  admin set UWeb.WebServer ListenPort [port]

  admin set UWeb.WebServer ListenPort

  admin set Engine.AccessControl bBanByID True/False

  admin set Engine.AccessControl AdminPassword [password]

  admin get Engine.AccessControl AdminPassword

  admin set Engine.AccessControl GamePassword [password]

  admin get Engine.AccessControl GamePassword

  admin set Engine.AccessControl AdminName [name]

  admin get Engine.AccessControl AdminName

  admin get XAdmin.xAdminConfigIni AdminUsers

  summon kfchar.zombieclot

  summon kfchar.zombiegorefast

  summon kfchar.zombiecrawler

  summon kfchar.zombiesiren

  summon kfchar.zombiescrake

  summon kfchar.zombiefleshpound

  summon kfchar.zombiepatriarch