Lords of the Fallen 中文獎盃列表一欄

30 十月





Lords and Judges (王者與審判者)
Unlock all Trophies 解鎖所有獎盃

By the book (循規蹈矩)
Find 60 audio notes 找到60個語音筆記

My private stash (我的私藏)
Get 12 special weapons 得到12種特殊武器

Harkyn collection (Harkyn的收藏)
Collected 20 armor sets 收集20套裝備

Way of the cleric (牧師之路)
Complete the game as Cleric 以牧師職業完成遊戲

Way of the rogue (盜賊之路)
Complete the game as Rogue 以盜賊職業完成遊戲

Way of the warrior (戰士之路)
Complete the game as Warrior 以戰士職業完成遊戲

Against all odds (如此艱難)
Defeat any Boss without taking damage 無傷打敗任意一個BOSS

Go breaking my heart (來傷我心)
Collected 9 Tyrant Hearts 收集9個暴君之心

Human skull (人類骷髏頭)
Collected 25 Human Skulls 收集25個人類骷髏頭

Only after Disaster (災難之後)
Defeat the Worshiper 打敗崇拜者

Not a question of can or can’t (這不是一個能或不能的問題)
Defeat the Annihilator 打敗殲滅者

Hard shell, soft core (外強中乾)
Defeat the Commander 打敗指揮官

Thousands of candles (燈燭輝煌)
Defeat the Guardian 打敗守護者

So that’s a Lord! (就這也算個王!)
Defeat First Warden 打敗第一典獄長

No time for losers (永不言敗)
Defeat the Champion 打敗捍衛者

Seal the gate (封印大門)
Defeat the Infiltrator 打敗滲透者

Anger is a gift (憤怒是一種天賦)
Defeat the Beast 打敗野獸

Two against one (二欺一)
Defeat Lost Brothers 打敗失落兄弟

He speaks in riddles (他用謎語說話)
Meet the Blacksmith 遇到鐵匠

Treasure left alone (留下財寶)
Loot all Treasure Chambers 搜刮所有寶箱

Are you not entertained? (你不樂在其中嗎?)
Complete all Proving Grounds 完成所有試驗場

No one can hear you scream (沒人能聽到你叫喊)
Complete all Infinite Voids 完成所有無限虛空

Strong with this one (它使你強大)
Unlock all spells for one class 解鎖所有魔法的第一級

Give him power (給他力量)
Buy your first Attribute or Spell Point 購買你的第一個屬性點數或魔法點數

It’s bound to take your life (必取你命)
Die for the first time 第一次死亡

Myself again (我還是我)
Retrieve lost experience by collecting your ghost 撿回靈魂,拿回經驗

Bookworm (書蟲)
Find a note that someone left behind 找到一個某人留下的筆記

Extra strong (特強)
Upgrade the Health Potions 升級血瓶

All in (賭上所有)
Defeat a boss with at least 20000 unspent experience 攜帶20000經驗打敗一個BOSS

Couldn’t have done it myself (臣妾做不到)
Let a boss destroy the statue during fight 在戰鬥中讓BOSS摧毀雕像

Good with weapons (善用武器)
Collect all weapon types 收集到所有類型的武器

Killing monsters (殺戮怪獸)
Kill all types of enemies at least once 殺死所有種類的怪物各至少一次

This! Is! Keystone! (這!是!重點!)
Kick an enemy into his death 用踢擊使一個怪物死亡

He who protect us (保護我們的人)
Met Antanas 遇到Antanas

The real Lords starts here (真王始於此)
Entered the Rhogar realm 進入Rhogar王國

Shout at the gods (怒喝神明)
Met Adyr 遇到Adyr

Now we’re talking (現在我來勁了)
Found the Gauntlet 找到金屬手套

I feel lucky (我覺得幸運)
Purified the sword of the unlucky grave robber 淨化不幸盜墓者的劍

Fool of a Tuck (一塔克的傻瓜)
Throw a corpse down the bottomless pit in Catacombs 扔一具屍體到地下墓穴的無底洞

Take my hand (牽手)
Cut off Monk’s arm 砍掉僧侶的胳膊

I saw everything (我看到了一切)
Entered 15 secret rooms 進入15個秘密房間

Do unto others… (己所不欲……)
Killed the First Warden with the Warden Greatsword 用典獄長大劍殺死第一典獄長

She was the last woman here (她曾是這裡的最後一個女人)
Showed mercy to an imprisoned monster 寬恕一個被囚禁的怪物

God is dead (神明已死)
Led humans to victory 帶領人類走向勝利

Faith is weakness (信仰既弱點)
Led Rhogar to victory 帶領Rhogar走向勝利

Whole world in his hands (隻手遮天)
Bring balance to both realms 為兩個國家帶來和諧