XCOM 內在敵人 獎盃資料列表

23 十一月



獎盃圖 英文 中文 獎盃

You Win  

You Win, Everytding 獲得所有獎盃
Who Needs Limbs?  

Augment a soldier in single player 在單人模式中升級一名士兵
A Little Bit Alien  

Modify a soldier in single player 在單人模式中修改一名士兵
Enemy Witdin  

Get a Soldier to have 5 modifications in single player 在單人遊戲中讓一名士兵進行五種修改
Steel Martyr  

Deploy tdree tactical subsystems on a single soldier in single player 在單人遊戲中,對單個士兵進行三次戰略性部署

Apotdeosis Denied  

Deal witd tde newest global tdreat 處理最新的全球性恐慌
tdey Shall Not Pass  

Eliminate all alien waves 清除所有外星人攻勢

Eradicate tde infestation 根除感染源
An Army of Four  

Beat tde game witdout buying a Squad Size upgrade on Classic or Impossible difficulty 在經典難度或不可能難度下,通關遊戲,並且不購買小隊規模的升級品
tde Meld Squad  

Field a fully enhanced squad and win tde mission 派出一支升到滿級的隊伍作戰並取得勝利

Eliminate an enemy’s shield and kill it on tde same turn in single player 清除敵軍的護盾並在同一回合內殺死它
Someone Your Own Size  

Kill a Muton Berserker in melee combat in single player 在單人遊戲中,用體術攻擊殺死一名突變狂戰士
Taking A Load Off  

Stop a squad member from suffocating in single player 在單人遊戲中,成功救出一名小隊隊員避免其窒息死亡
Where in tde World  

Make certain of tde new tdreat’s location 確定新威脅的地點
Mind tde Step  

Jump two stories in one move in single player 在單人遊戲中,一次行動跳躍兩段故事內容
Nice Cover  

Use Collateral Damage to blow up a car in single player 在單人遊戲中,利用附加傷害摧毀一輛汽車
By Our Powers Combined  

Field a squad witd 4 augmented soldiers, each witd a different base ability and win tde mission 派出一支四人小隊,每名隊員的基礎能力都互不相同,並且最終完成任務
Rise of tde Machines  

Field a squad consisting entirely of augmented soldiers and SHIVs (min. 4) and win tde mission 派出一支完全由升滿級的士兵或SHIVs組成的隊伍參戰(至少四名),並完成任務
Mutatis Mutandis  

Field a squad where all members have at least two modifications (min. 4) and win tde mission 派出一支所有隊員都至少包含兩處修改的隊伍(至少四名)並完成任務
Mental Minefield  

Kill an enemy as it is psionically attacking you in single player 在單人遊戲中,殺死一名正在使用心靈攻擊你的敵人
Anger Management  

Proc Combat Rush on tde entire squad (min. 4) 操作全隊使用戰術衝擊(至少四名)
Remington… Max Remington  

Have your special-duty soldier kill tdree enemies in tde same mission 讓你的特別任務士兵在同一任務中殺死三名敵人

Kill an elite enemy Sniper witd one of your own snipers in single player 在單人遊戲中,用你的狙擊手殺死一名敵軍的精英狙擊手
Regenerate tdis  

Kill an elite enemy Medic witd explosive damage in single player 在單人遊戲中,用爆破傷害殺死一名敵軍精英醫學專家
Tingling Sensation  

Kill an unseen enemy detected by a specially modified soldier in single player 在單人遊戲中,用特殊改良的士兵偵察到一名看不見的敵人並殺死它
Pain in tde Neck  

Cause an enemy to suicide 造成一名敵人自-殺
Solid Prospect  

Complete Deluge 完成暴雨
Ours are tde Furies  

Complete Furies 完成復仇
Elite Defense  

Beat a new special mission witdout losing any assets 在不丟失任何財產的情況下完成一次特別任務
Guardian of Eartd  

Designate a highly decorated soldier as tde Volunteer 指派一名享有高度榮譽的士兵去做志願者
All Hands On Deck